Behind the Chair – Laura

Behind the Chair – Laura

Who’s Behind the Chair? Q&A with Laura

Laura joins the team from the UK and whilst we like to think of her as our own bit of royalty, we really wanted to know who’s behind the chair.

That sounds challenging, what do you want to be famous for?

It would have to be my skills to make luscious curls or bouncy blow-drys. It’s a quick way to look glamour every day!

Tell us more, how do you create luscious curls or bouncy blow-drys?

I can’t tell you all my secrets now can I (note: Laura winked with a cheeky smile). Well, my secret is to not be afraid to create lots of body within the hair. I use my favourite Aveda product, such as ‘Be Curly Enhancing Cream’ if the hair is frizzy or needs some control, then I section, brush, comb using products sparingly to create a natural fuller look.

So why Rare Earth as opposed to other salons?

What sets Rare Earth apart is the skill and genuine care of the team. On top of this, I like Aveda. It’s a product range that supports my skills to creates healthier and shinier hair that smells amazing! Aveda does what it says and it gives you the freedom to tailor bespoke colour for my clients. Each colour is unique


Tell us a little about you?

I love hairdressing. My mum was a hairdresser and it’s something I just always wanted to be. Where else do you get to express your creative side whilst making people look and feel great?

So true… so what’s your background?

I grew up in Southport (Nth west England) and worked for a leading salon where you literally had to do everything. Whilst it was a strict and fast learning curve into hairdressing, I found out that quickly I had the skills to survive in this fast-paced, on your feet industry.

What do you love about hairdressing? 

I love the challenge and thrill of getting a fantastic hairstyle or colour. Whilst hairdressing looks easy, getting the right cut, colour or blow wave makes all the difference. It’s like wearing your favourite dress, the feeling and confidence you get. Hair should do the same.

What’s the boldest thing you have done with hair? 

Ohh, tough question. It would have to be the hair I did for a hair show back in the UK. We had a James Bond theme. I did hair for a model in the same style as ‘Ursula Andress’s where she did a bikini and scene in Dr. No of Andress emerging from the water. It was a challenge to get the ‘wet yet styled look’.

You’ll find Laura at our Prahran salon, ready and waiting to help you rediscover your most beautiful self. To book yourself in with her or any of our other stylists feel free to reach out, otherwise, keep your eyes peeled on who’s behind the chair next month

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