Top Spring Carnival Hair Styling tips

Top Spring Carnival Hair Styling tips

Spring Carnival Hair – Whether going to the Melbourne Spring Carnival or attending a springtime party, you want to look your best whilst also keeping your hair fabulous, low maintenance and carefree. We’ve gathered the best ideas from our own experience and around the web to help take the fuss when looking your best on race day.

Fascinators & Hats

Selecting the right Fascinator or Hat is super important to your fashion statement on the day and can make or break your fashion statement. Remember to embrace what feels right and let your hair shine through! When attaching to your hair, keep any clips towards the back of your head behind your ears. This will help keep them out of photos on the day. To ensure your hair forms the foundation of your fashion statement, we recommend a smoothing gloss to help keep hair frizz at bay and hair looking shiny and smooth. Our experts use Light Elements™ smoothing fluid. Loaded with hydrating ingredients it keeps hair feeling soft and shiny throughout the day and your Spring Carnival hair bound for a winning result!

Up styles & ponytails

A simple and textured ponytail is a classic way to jazz up your hairstyle whilst keeping it casual. This simple style can accentuate your earrings or dress style and is versatile for almost any setting. When next in the salon, we can quickly show you how to recreate this style at home with a blow dryer, some style prep and simple backcombing techniques (sounds hard but is quite simple)

Asking your hairstylist for hair styling tips that suit your hair length and type you can be well on your way to crafting your very own Spring Carnival hairstyle yourself! If you’re like us and prefer to trust the professionals then we recommend booking a salon appointment. To help, Rare Earth has you covered for all the latest spring fashion trends and we’re open every race day (except Melbourne Cup however we may see you there on cup day)

For Melbourne Cup bookings and all details please call 03 9510 7447,  book online (click here) or message (here)~ Rare Earth Hair – Better for your hair, body and world you live in

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